These days technology has been introduced in almost every professional sector includes healthcare, banking, schools, finance, and the entertainment sector. Here we talk about the education sector – schools, colleges, and universities. Education nowadays reaches to the heights rapidly by utilizing the technology. Numerous technology-oriented platforms revolutionize education completely.

Because of the technological era, today, lots of educational organizations implemented smart classrooms and e-learning. Essentially, along with these, effective and automatic management operations are performed by school management software.  In the past, all records of students either in school or college performed and maintained manually. Thus, there is a great chance of data loss due to natural calamity. Due to the implementation of school management software, one can save time, effort and personnel. In addition, generate error-less automated student’s reports.

Presently, with respect to technology, the time is even better compared to the old days. The school management software is introduced in the market to handle staff management, student management, tracking students, managing library, transport and inventory management and more. The best part is all these activities handling only in one single platform. Let’s discuss how the school management software helps in handling such operations smoothly in detail.

  • Student management: Student information management is an important issue for every school. The school which has a large number of students is a hectic job for the school administrators to manage and maintain information from admissions to transfer certificates. Campuslive student management system handle operations consist of student attendance, application management, shortlisting, student leaving process management. This module even gives you the facility to print student ID cards and transfer certificates.
  • Library management: A library is another important area found in every school, college or university. Library management system in school ERP makes it easier to manage a big collection of books subjectwise and classwise. Along with this, it automates the library-related operations for easy book search. It is a smart system to manage magazine/journal subscriptions, newspaper records, DDC classification, and books as well.
  • Inventory management: The inventory management system in ERP software is used to keep track of all transactions of selling or purchasing inventory items. Similarly, the module allows you to manage and maintain the stock issue or receiving, assets, indent/GRN, automated annual reports on inventory items, etc.
  • Fee management: Online secure payment gateway feature in CampusLive fee management module allows parents to make an online fee deposit without any hassle. This reduces their efforts and saves valuable time. Moreover, the module automated generates fee receipts, sending push notifications or alert messages to parents for fee reminders, effective calculation, and management of fee collection/refund and so on.

In this competitive market, you can find many school management software vendors. Do not be in a rush. Take your time, identify your needs and budget. After that approach an experienced vendor providing affordable and fully integrated school management solution.