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CampusLIVE is a feature-rich, user-friendly & comprehensive School Management System. Specifically designed for pre-schools, primary and secondary schools.

Modules and Features

User-Friendly Interfaces, Easy to Understand and Safely Secured Solutions.

CampusLive Administration

CampusLIVE administration module has been developed specifically considering all these aspects and to suit the current and futuristic needs

Student Management

Student Management System the perfect solution to manage the student’s data. Very Customizable to fulfill every need of academics.

HR Management

HR & Payroll Management: Salary definition, Allowance’s Management, Calculation & Processing, Statutory Reports.

Academics Management

Academic Management: Classes/Grades Management, Syllabus Management, Attendance Management.


Finance Management

Financial Accounting Management: Financial Transactions Reports & Statements, Voucher & Balance Sheet Management.


Inventory Management

inventory management software, easily manage stock, record purchases, create sales orders, Sales & stock Management, and much more.


At CampusLive, we offer an end-to-end solution for managing academic, financial and operational requirements of educational institutions. Whether you are managing a University, College, or School in India,

Simple & User Friendly

Best Campus Management Software, User-friendly interfaces, easy to understand and safely secured solutions are one of the few features which make us the most renowned service providers. Our cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) meets end-to-end management requirements and allows smooth functioning of the day-to-day operations of all the domains and departments.

School Management Cloud Solution

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CampusLIve is the fastest growing brand in School Management Software with user-friendly interface that are very easy to use. Widely Accepted by big schools.


Dinesh Mourya

CampusLIve Provides very good and useful ERP Software, it is very easy comparatively. Makes your Admin work very easy. Highly recommended software. Good Customer Support, very cooperative.


Rahul Verma

Best company for making software, mobile applications, School Management Software so helpful for handling management of school, students data, Schools Employee data, Provide good Services.


Aarav Mittal


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